Sitting well

The ergonomics of a paddler

Sitting upright


That means the pelvis and spine are supported in their upright position (see photos above), because whoever slouches in his kayak with a relaxing curved spine as if on a couch inevitably restricts the radius of movement of his spine – and active paddling becomes almost impossible.

Much better!

The seat shells of our boats therefore feature horizontal surfaces for the ischial tuberosity – or sitz bone – and are positioned very slightly higher than the heels (because the lower the feet are in relation to the hips, the easier it is to sit upright). The soft but yet stable backrest is height-adjustable so that it can be set precisely to the iliac crest (curved superior border of the ilium).

Sitting safe

For an untiring posture with a reduced risk of injuries, it is also important that the joints are near to their central position. This particularly applies to the ankles, because in the event of a head-on collision in the boat, these absorb an enormous amount of energy via the footrest.

Such an incident is particularly unpleasant when the ankles are »at the limit« – far away from the central position. And the central position is not basically that when stood vertically (see photo). To visualise the situation, you can lie comfortably on the couch with slightly bowed legs and look at the position of your feet.


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