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Crowdfunding mit qualifiziert nachrangigen Darlehen

5 years ago I founded Spade Kayaks with 4 friends. We made the first boat, the Ace of Spades, blowmolded. The blowmoldinging process is usually preferred to the rotomolding process for products with large quantities from 20,000 pieces and more. In my time as head of sales at Prijon, such quantities and much more were completely normal and attainable. We managed the 150,000.00€ design and development costs of the Ace of Spades from our own resources. In the beginning we had big problems getting the Ace of Spades ready for serial production. Rusty screws, too light thighbraces and bones that broke in rows required costly exchanges that left us with no financial leeway for a second blowmolded boat. So in 2017 we decided to switch to the rotomolding process. Initially with the help of Mega Sports, with outdated technology and simple molds. Not satisfied with the result of the first rotomolded model, the Black Jack 1.0 the search began for a reliable partner with the latest rotomolding machine technology and understanding of our concerns. We have now found this partner in Italy with KPlast, which produces, among other things, boats of the Exo brand.

In 2018 we invested in 2 new forms, the new Black Jack and the Royal Flush. The molds are milled from solid aluminum blocks, on the one hand to be able to control the wall thicknesses and on the other hand to ensure a contemporary finish of the boats. We have taken out an investment loan of 80,000€ for these two forms. Both boats sell well and the amortization of the two forms is guaranteed.

In order to be recognized internationally as a brand and to become even more interesting for kayak retailers as a supplier, we want to expand our range of boats. Sending 10 boats to Spain, for example, costs almost the same as a complete truck. We can only fill a complete truck with a wider range of kayaks.

With your help, we were able to crowdfund the new Queen of Hearts and would also like to finance the next 2 new boats with subordinated loans as part of our crowdfunding call. Legislation forces us to use this phrase “qualified subordinated loan” and in the contract we explicitly point out the risks of the loan. The forms of the 3 boats have cost a fortune for our circumstances, but they are not a real guarantee for your loans.

There were far more interested paddlers than I imagined who would like to support us with loans. Many of the interested paddlers know me and have expressed their trust in advance. I am pleased and honored. For those who do not yet know me, the recommendation is to start small and if the trust is built up through personal contact and reliable interest payments can still be increased.
If you have any special questions, please call me on this phone number: 0043 (0) 664 4297498 or by email:

Thank you in advance for your trust and support!

Hans Mayer


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