off the river feel goods

HOODY Card Trick

$ 96,08

CARD TRICK HOODY _ This slightly oversized hoody is made from 100% organic cotton and is perfectly suited to be worn on top of the Disco-T (this way you can reveal yourself as a dance star only when you feel the itch).

Sweater Spade Logo

$ 48,01

LOGO SWEATER _ The Spade Logo Sweater features our slightly hypnotic logo on a soft and cosy sweater made from 100% organic cotton.


$ 35,99

BOATER VAN _ There’s not a lot of controversy about how the perfect vehicle for outdoor enthusiasts looks like.

T-Shirt Rain is Liquid Sunshine

$ 35,99

RILS T _ Rain is Liquid Sunshine might be one of the most profound truth kayakers face every day.


$ 35,99

DISCO-T _ The Spade Kayaks Disco-T is supposed to bring back some colour and dance moves to the scene.

T-Shirt Where you find us

$ 35,99

WHERE YOU FIND US _ As kayakers we’re fortunate to get to see places that hardly anyone else gets to see.

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