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Francisco Pandolfi Jimenez

The Royal Flush
I really like the royal flush, especially on creek rivers and waterfalls. It is stable, fast and even easy to paddle at! Its edges are incredible and sick to boof any drop and its outfit is very cool and comfortable! I love it! [···]

Franz Puckl

The Royal Flush
Statement von Franz zum Royal Flush kommt in Kürze! [···]

Bethan Palmer

The Queen of Hearts
The title Queen of Hearts is the perfect name for this kayak. Being 5ft, I’ve spent so many years having to compromise my paddling style in order to fit the general market of boats that were too big a volume for me. [···]

Pirmin Dlugosch

The Black Jack
Black Jack, Ace of Spades or Royal Flush I don’t really care, because I love them all. [···]

Stephan Thieme

The Black Jack
I‘m really in love with the Black Jack. For me as the Head of the German Trainer Team of NaturFreunde it is important to have a reliable and easy maneuverable kayak for light whitewater as well as for big rapids. [···]

Johann Castor

The Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades : i Love this boat to run big waterfalls and Steep Creeks i total Creek Machine. [···]

Paul Hülser

The Black Jack
Absolutely in love with my BlackJack and super stoked to be the youngest team rider! The BJ is super easy to boof and easy to handle when it comes to bigger rapids. Its fast and super playful while paddling through a level 3 boulder garden. [···]

Nadine Bogenreiter

The Black Jack
I am totally in love with my Blackjack. With this beauty I found a creek boat that fits a women too. The kayak is easy to turn, super fast, sticks to the line and playful. But the best thing is when you boof it – feels like flying! [···]

Alexander Volkmar

The Royal Flush
When not working on the Spade Kayaks website, I prefer to paddle the Royal Flush! [···]

Sanna Haibach

The Black Jack
For me, the Blackjack is the perfect choice to cover all whitewater-delicacies i need. It is fast and super responsive! With it´s edgy shape i have alot of fun cruising around in easier whitwater catching eddies and boofing around. [···]

Philipp “Flipper” Much

The Black Jack
My absolute favourite is the Black Jack. Fast, agile and fun to paddle, it is the perfect companion for me from the Alps to the Big Water classics in southern Patagonia. The direct response encourages an active paddling style and invites [···]

Louise Capel

The Black Jack
The first time I paddled the Black Jack I knew we were going to be friends. Forgiving of those indecisive moments but a willing ally when some extra speed or a tricky manoeuvre is needed, it’s a boat that I always look forward to paddling. [···]

Reiner Glanz

The Royal Flush
Favourite Spade Kayak: Royal Flush, its very fast and precise, still surprisingly easy to boof for its length, wants to be pushed and paddled with speed, light compared to others in its class, peforms well on technical creeks and pushy [···]

Anup Gurung

The Royal Flush
Though I would pair up better with Black Jack, I’m in love with the Royal Flush. My Guru’s who designed it says “Royal Flush is your „Hattori Hanzo sword“ of extreme white water weapons.” Yes they are right! It’s fast, it’s precise and most [···]

Epic Walter

The Black Jack
The Black Jack is my boat of choice! No matter if I’m paddling easy white water or big waterfalls. It is playful but also gives me enough confidence when I need it. [···]

Mike Krutyansky

The Royal Flush
My personal goal in whitewater kayaking is remote class V big volume expeditions. These are the ultimate adventures where the prefect combination of skills, knowledge, technique, physical shape, experience and perfect equipment is needed. [···]

Simon Gegg

The Black Jack
The Black Jack combines a perfect modern creekboat with huge potential of fun. It’s super fast, easy to maneuver, easy to keep it on line and easy to boof. It’s playful but also makes you feel safe on big rapids at the same time. [···]

Ivan Safradin

The Royal Flush
Enjoying Royal Flush because it provide a lot of comfort for bigger paddlers and it is a fast boat with great carving skills. But my first love is definitely Ace of Spade Pro. Ace is very agile and provide me biggest confidence [···]

Aran Balagueró

The Royal Flush
It’s been a year since I am using the Royal Flush and I only can say good things about this boat. What I really like about Royal Flush is that the first week using it, it feels like you have been paddling this boat for a long time. [···]

Thomas Waldner

The Royal Flush
Favourite Spade Kayak: Royal Flush. This boat is amazing, super-fast, precise, handles well and despite its length, great to boof over every drop! Paddlers weighing from 70kg will enjoy this boat! [···]

Vera Knook

The Black Jack
The Black Jack is my definite favorite. It is super playful and even when packed with gear for a multiday, it is easy to control without losing the fun factor, no compromise. I love carving into eddies and skipping from drops with this boat [···]

Andi Haberländer

The Black Jack
The Black Jack is my absolute favourite kayak ATM. Its incredible, how fast it skips through Rapids If you keep her on line. Fast and playful, the bj wants to be paddled actively, but If you do so, it becomes a special blend. [···]

Carlo Gatti

The Joker
I love the Joker, that’s the perfect kayak for me. It is fast, precise and it can literally fly. Perfect for any kind of river, from the big volume to the most rocky creek. [···]

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